A new gallery space in the picturesque town of Llangollen. The Dory Gallery showcases artists that in their pursuit of truth, aim to provoke and inspire.

The Dory Gallery wishes to encourage and show artists who aim not to mystify or shock, but stimulate a visual response in recognition of truth; to exhibit those who search and ‘language’ display a unique approach…… those artists who wish not merely to entertain, imitate or intimidate.

Through this gallery, I wish to build relationships, foster a family, not just of artists, but also of those who will appreciate them.

Uninterested in politics or propaganda, this is a statement of intent in the moment; we wish to evolve by keeping an open mind - not by the rigidity of a manifesto - nor indeed the dictates of fashion or ‘the art establishment’.



Bowie 2 Forthcoming and Past Auctions.jp

26th June 2021- The Dory Gallery Opens

16th July 2021-1st August 2021- The David Bowie Collection of Artist Edward Bell

August 2021-TBC

September 2021- TBC 

October 2021- TBC