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Sunday: 10:00am-4:00pm

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Built in 1840 as a school for the poor, extended in 1870 and again in 1996 when it became the Health Centre for the picturesque town of Llangollen. The closing of the building in 2013 left it dormant just waiting for us to awake. In 2017, our new home and work space ‘Regent Street Studio’ was born.

Dory and I quickly built up relationships with other artist and things organically started to grow. Uninterested in politics or propaganda, these artists work to evolve by keeping an open mind and we offer a space to discuss and nurture.

We soon attracted local people, many who just wanted to see what we were doing but showed an interest and in some cases were moved and inspired. We realised we had a duty to open the space not just for the artist but for those that appreciated them.

About to enter our next phase - Dory was taken from us.

Supported with overwhelming love and generosity I renamed the building, ‘The Dory Gallery’ - ‘Oriel Dory. ’ I wish to carry on with the plans we as a team mapped out.

We are to encourage and show artists who aim not to mystify or shock, but stimulate a visual response; to exhibit those who in their search and ‘language’ display a unique approach…. Those artist who wish not merely to entertain, imitate or intimidate, but those that seek an honesty.

Visit us on our journey - it will not be dull.