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Artwork can be purchased from the artist, contact The Dory Gallery for further information. 

Steven Lane was born in Liverpool in 1976 and lives in the city. He studied at Wirral Metropolitan College and then the Royal Academy of Art from 1998 to 2001. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Shows (1999 and 2000) and at the Sackler Gallery Premium Show where he was awarded the prize for Craft.

Steven’s work has also been exhibited at Goldsmiths University Gallery, House Gallery Camberwell (the culmination of collaboration with artist Mark Hill), Hanover Galleries, Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and Loughborough University where he was also Artist in Residence. Working alongside Dory Ross as part of ‘USE’ (Understanding Spatial Environments), their work has also incorporated aspects of intervention art during Liverpool’s development as City of Culture in 2008, which aimed to develop initiatives and perspectives robustly independent of the wider commercial and institutional influences in the city and region at the time. He has taught Art at Priestley College since 2002, where he also leads the Art Foundation course. His work is currently held in private collections in London, Liverpool and Australia.

‘Having spent too long not making enough work, my return to drawing and painting was born from contemplating our relationship to the natural world and exploring a sense of trepidation in our own predicament. Admiring the beauty and awe of the subject is just one element of this. I sit in envy that the natural world does not corrupt, and see that humanity should spend more time in contemplation, rather than being a part of its destruction. This has been my general path so far but embedded into my process, is that I hope to evoke memories, the spirit of time and of place. 

In terms of process, all of the final moments that you might see on the surface come together in a frenzy of activity, in one swoop if you like, but below the surface, they are built and scraped back over time, in my hope that I do the subject some justice. My recent return to making is inspired by the spirt that is Dory!’

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